London program adds UK partner university

The Center for International Studies has expanded its London program by aligning with the University of Westminster, U.K., making it a full-time fall and spring program in addition to its summer program.

Students now have a chance to access courses in every discipline, and the entire course catalogue at Westminster will be available to them, said Susan Layne, coordinator of TCU in London.

Jane Kucko, director of The Center for International Studies, said before its affiliation with Westminster, the program was only limited to five courses and an internship.

“The expansion is about opening up coursework for our students,” Kucko said. “We believe students now – all majors and minors – will have opportunity to select courses that are appropriate and fit into their major area of academic study.”

After considering Regent’s College, London Metropolitan University and City University London, the University of Westminster was chosen for its variety of courses, internship placement and residential housing facility, Kucko said.

David Whillock, associate dean of the College of Communication who made a site visit to Westminster, said previously TCU rented a location in London from Florida State University and faculty from different universities gave lectures, which limited TCU students from interacting with students from other universities. Now, students can become part of a structured system, and they will have an opportunity to study and live with other Westminster students.

Brianna Saraceno, a sophomore English major planning to study at Westminster next semester, said the experience would help broaden her world view, familiarize her with the city and build friendships and a network in the area she wants to pursue.

Students enrolled in the program will take 16 credit hours, Layne said. Students may opt for a university-placed internship, which will give them credit for eight credit hours. The courses will be pre-approved to ensure they meets students’ majors.

The students will have an opportunity to study on any of the four Westminster campuses ­- Cavendish, Marylebone, Regent or Harrow – and the courses include bioscience, informatics, business, law, social science, humanities and languages, computer science, architecture and media, and arts and design, Layne said. Students applying at Harrow for a practical module in media and fine arts need to submit a portfolio of their work samples, and all students require a 2.8 GPA to apply at Westminster.

Students can use their scholarships and financial aid at Westminster, Kucko said. The students pay a flat TCU tuition and a $4,800 program fee that will cover their residency cost.

At Westminster, TCU students will have an opportunity to mingle with more than 4,000 other international students and expand their cultural and academic horizon, Layne said.

“The Westminster experience is going to allow our students to find their niche better than when we had a smaller program,” she said.