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Breakup blues make for funny film

She’s the perfect girl for him, and he’s not man enough for her – the perfect breakup, woo her back scenario for romantic comedies.

But similar to recent films with the Judd Apatow tag attached (Apatow produced), “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” mixes cute and cuddly romance with fart jokes. You know, one of those movies enjoyable for the supposed feminine and masculine sides of the movie appreciation spectrum.

Falling in line with “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” often relies on fairly crude humor for laughs, featuring sexually-themed jokes and a decent amount of male nudity.

The story follows average Joe, Peter Bretter, suffering after the love of his life, movie-star girlfriend ends their relationship, leaving him in a hilariously depressed state.

On the advice of his brother-in-law, Bretter takes a vacation to Hawaii where, surprise, he meets his ex-girlfriend with her new overtly sexual rock-star love interest.

Imagine all of the funny possibilities at a small island resort.

For all fans of the current comedy stage-setting Apatow films of late, Sarah Marshall is one definitely worth the price of admission, some popcorn and maybe even a large drink for two.

Those easily offended by either potty-humor, penises, simulated sexual positions and an entire cavalcade of raunch should maybe wait for the DVD so they can keep the fast-forward button ready.

Either way, the jokes hit for hardy laughs and slight chuckles, and it’s always great to see a nice guy doing well.

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