Be a good host; keep the cheering within bounds

When I came to TCU in 2004, the C in the middle of the name played a huge part in my decision of where to further my education.

And no, that C doesn’t stand for construction like I have heard a lot of people joke about lately.

In case some of you have forgotten, that C stands for Christian. And with Christianity comes sportsmanship.

I have been known to throw some friendly lyrical jabs while on the baseball diamond or basketball court, but I feel as if I know when to say when.

But sometimes during football games, including massacres like the one I witnessed Saturday, I get the feeling our students don’t know where that line is.

I cringe every time I hear profranities come pouring down from our student section. I can’t help but think opposing fans look down on us every time the refs make a bad call.

If we are supposed to truly represent everything our school stands for, we have to stop doing stuff like this.

There are other examples of things I heard in the student section I didn’t like, but none of them I can put in the paper without getting fired.

Did anybody even notice the e-mail we all received from athletics director Danny Morrison? I don’t read every message sent to my school mailbox, especially the student announcements and all the Facebook notifications, but some things catch my eye.

The letter Morrison sent all of us was one he received from an Air Force fan about how sportsmanlike we can be.

There is no reason why his mailbox shouldn’t be flooded with letters like this after every one of our games.

Every team gets hosed from time to time – take for example the Washington Huskies getting robbed against BYU over the weekend. Those fans didn’t really take the call well, and I am not saying to roll over and not show any emotion. That emotion is what makes college football different from every other sport, but we have to make our house one people will want to come back to.

There are two ways to look at showing that emotion. We can show disdain for the referees and the other team, or we can get loud in support for our Frogs.

I love this school, I love getting rowdy at football games, or any other game for that matter, but please know where to draw the line.