SGA should allow organizations to endorse candidates

If the Student Government Association wants to improve support among students, it has to pass the bill allowing student organizations to support candidates.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason for SGA to not allow this bill to pass.

The worst that can happen is students will become more knowledgeable about the candidates and can decide to support them. Isn’t that what all politicians, no matter how powerful, want?

SGA might not want to jeopardize the sanctity of its elections with organizations creating Facebook groups to support one of the candidates. However, these organizations and even Facebook groups will be able to educate students and maybe help them to vote for a candidate they feel strongly about.

Although a group supporting a candidate may not help the handful of students in an organization who don’t feel the same way as their peers, the groups can help inform its members about the candidate. If someone in a group disagrees, that almost works out better for SGA because that person will and should stand up for what they think. This way of thinking will continue to give students more information about SGA and the candidates, helping them decide to vote for who they truly agree with.

An even better reason to do this is to get the word out about elections sooner.

If you were to tell a group that supports you there is going to be an election next week, that will give them a chance to plan an event to help students understand who and what to vote for.

If nothing else, this strategy should at least improve the number of students who vote so we don’t have to see the embarrassing numbers of less than 1,000 students voting for SGA officials on a campus out of about 8,000 undergraduate students .

Sports editor Billy Wessels for the editorial board.