TCU falls to No. 10 Texas in double-overtime

TCU falls to No. 10 Texas in double-overtime

The TCU women were undefeated through seven soccer games and off to the best start in team history. However, on Friday night, the team came up short at home against 10th ranked University of Texas.

Longhorns’ senior Stephanie Logterman scored the deciding in double-overtime to seal its victory over the Lady Frogs, 2-1.

“We played this game from a learning experience to make us better going into conference,” Head Coach Dan Abdalla said. “I think it gives us the opportunity to know what we have the ability to do. It was good for our kids to see a team with the depth and the talent that Texas has.”

The Longhorns broke a scoreless tie with 7:22 left in the first half when freshman Kyle Doniak connected on a long kick to put Texas up 1-0. The Lady Frogs had a few chances at goals, but its shots were blocked or deflected by Texas’ goalkeeper. They went into halftime trailing by the same score.

The Lady Frogs came out of halftime and almost immediately got on the scoreboard. Freshman forward Jordan Calhoun tied the game with a goal with 40:17 left in the second half, causing the home fans to erupt.

“As soon as we started going at them and attacking them, it put Texas on their heels,” Abdalla said. “I think the girls were able to find success in that and it elevated their confidence.”

The Lady Frogs were able to keep the ball in Texas’ end of the field for most of the second half as well as the first overtime, but once the game went into the second overtime, the momentum had shifted into the Longhorns’ favor.

The Longhorns were able to keep TCU on defense, wearing down a team that fought all night to keep up with the speed of the women in burnt orange.

With 4:38 to go in the second bonus period, two-time senior All-American Stephanie Logterman knifed her way through the defense to score the winning goal.

“It didn’t come easy by any means,” Logterman said. “It was really tough and the fans were really awesome even though they weren’t cheering for us. TCU gave us all we could handle and are definitely the best team we have played so far.”

Coach Abdalla said he thought his team did a good job in trying to contain Logterman, but praised the play of the senior forward.

“She’s been one of the better players in the country over the last couple of years,” he said. “She is certainly one of the best players in the Big 12 and she took advantage of her chance tonight.”

2,161 people were in attendance to watch Friday’s game at Garvey-Rosenthal Stadium.