University works to expand student e-mail accounts

You’ve got mail. And it’s not a message warning your mailbox is over its size limit.

The university is currently working on a new system that will increase the size of student e-mail accounts, said Bryan Lucas, executive director of Technology Resources.

Lucas declined to comment on the cost, adding that until the upgrade is fully tested, he does not want to provide details, as they may change.

With test accounts already underway using about 500 MB of space per mailbox, the final product could be ready for all students to use as early as a few months from now, said Haley Murphy, Speaker of the House for the Student Government Association.

SGA will introduce today a resolution to support the university expanding e-mail storage capacity of student accounts.

Currently, the student inbox size limit is 100MB, with students receiving overflow notices at 85MB, said Justin Brown, SGA Student Relations Chair and co-author of the resolution.

Once a student has reached the 100MB limit, sending, receiving and drafting new e-mails is prohibited, Brown said.

“If you are constantly floating around 84MB and then you don’t check your e-mail for a few days, TCU could send you a huge 10MB file and your account would be frozen without you even knowing,” Brown said.

Funding for the e-mail expansion will likely come from the university’s Technical Resources budget, said Ido Farhi, co-author of SGA’s resolution.

Shawn Smith, a senior strategic communication major, said he thinks it is a good idea that TCU is increasing the capacity of students’ e-mail accounts.

“It’s such a hassle getting those messages about my inbox being full because then I have to save all the important things I need onto my computer just so I can receive new messages,” Smith said.

TCU is behind other schools in the area regarding the size of student e-mail accounts. Baylor University offers 500MB, UTA 5GB and SMU 125MB, according to their respective Web sites.