SGA’s decision to honor its members against its purpose

The same time the Student Government Association looked at a resolution describing the purpose of SGA and resolving “to serve the student body to the best of its ability and to do its best to improve the quality of TCU and its students,” it also reviewed an ironic resolution to create a task force to establish an honors system for graduating members.

Tuesday night, SGA passed a resolution to honor members with cords or medallions at their graduation ceremony depending on the points accumulated within the established honors system. The cost of these robe decorations will come out of the SGA budget, to which every student contributed $48 this year.

How SGA members’ honoring themselves with the money the larger student body pays them “serves the student body” and “improves the quality of TCU and its students” is a mystery.

There is no doubt that members of SGA work tirelessly and their efforts to serve the campus is definitely commendable.

But this was a self-righteous move that only serves those in the organization. The resolution goes against the purpose of SGA, especially because it is self-serving and inwardly focused. Students continue to voice issues with the university – recently the new meal plan – that deserve attention and amplification.

The $48 each student paid to the SGA budget this year is much like taxes in the real world. These fees exist to enable members of the student government to represent and serve the larger student body, not to pay for frivolous decorations like graduation cords and medallions.

Web Editor Saerom Yoo for the editorial board.