Meal plan changes show administrators’ willingness to listen

Dining Services’ initiative to change the meal plan should be applauded.

Pre-packaged food options including salads, sandwiches, fruit, cookies and drinks will now be available at Sub Connection, and changes in the way Pond Street Grill operates are in the works.

While it doesn’t fully integrate Sub Connection into the “swipes” portion of the meal plan, it is a step in the right direction.

The Simply To-Go program will help students with busy schedules grab lunch and continue with their lives.

Students don’t always have time to sit down and eat in the middle of their day, something the current meal plan does not address. The acceptance of meal plan swipes at Sub Connection will also help alleviate the heavy load of traffic that hits Market Square during peak hours.

Also, while concern has been raised about sustainability regarding the use of to-go materials, it is ultimately more important that students have a variety of places to eat rather than a lack of trash.

As long as students are responsible with their waste and recycle, there should be minimal impact on TCU’s environmental efforts.

What’s more, the introduction of Simply To-Go shows that the administration listened to what students wanted. Those in charge listened to feedback and are working on creating even more options to better serve the students.

Introducing an entirely different meal plan was a massive undertaking for TCU. Perfecting it will take time, but a commitment to the requests of the student body can only expedite the process.

News editor David Hall for the editorial board.