Women’s basketball team on the road to California

After suffering their first loss of the season against Boston College in the first game of the Caribbean Challenge in Cancun, Mexico, the Lady Frogs rebounded to beat Eastern Michigan in the last game of the event.

Now the team is on the road again, this time headed to California for a three-game stretch, including participation in the Contra Costa Times Classic.

Boston College beat TCU 77-68, but the Eagles started the game on a 20-0 run and forced eight turnovers in the first seven minutes.

“Unfortunately, our team spotted Boston College 20 points, head coach Jeff Mittie said. “But our team fought hard, got back in it and had a chance.”

The coach said he is proud his team was able to respond to the loss with a victory.

“I told them good basketball teams bounce back,” Mittie said. “I think it was good we played 24 hours later. We didn’t have to dwell on it. We knew we had a game the next day. We were able to turn the page pretty quickly.”

The team will be playing its third game of a five-game road stretch at three different locations – Cancun, Fresno, Calif., and Berkeley, Calif. But despite all the travel, Mittie said his team will be able to get something it definitely needs.

“We are able to get some physical rest because we haven’t had the grind practices,” Mittie said. “Mentally, we need to get refreshed and ready to go for Thursday.”

Mittie said it is easy to keep his team focused on the road, despite the warm climates and exotic locations.

“Here you have a lot of different things pulling at you,” Mittie said. “You have friends, you have academics, tutors to meet; you just have a lot of different things that are your responsibility.”

Back on the court, Mittie said his team still needs to improve its rebounding. Opponents have outrebounded the Lady Frogs 296-262. “I have seen individuals improve (their rebounding),” Mittie said. “But I am yet to see us put together a game where it has been great.”

The Lady Frogs will need to get their rebounding going against what Mittie called a solid offensive team.

“They shoot the three a ton and shoot it well,” Mittie said. “Their team really has an identity offensively that they are going to try an get layups and threes. Defensively they will pressure you.”