Take advantage of Andy Warhol exhibit

The university art department now has a permanent collection of 157 works by Andy Warhol, a pop art icon and pioneer. TCU is one of more than 180 institutions to receive such a donation.

Thirty-seven of those are on exhibit at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts gallery by the GrandMarc. The art department applied for the collection with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts in New York City.

It would be a shame and disgrace for students not to take advantage of the exhibit that will be open until Feb. 1. Art majors would directly benefit from Warhol’s work for their own creative inspiration, as the dean of the college of fine arts Scott Sullivan said.

Visiting art galleries might seem like an intimidating activity for some, especially if they have no formal background in art. But the beauty of Warhol’s work is that it is approachable by people from all areas of study.

Warhol has a relationship with the Metroplex, Sullivan said. This is just one more factor that makes the exhibit attractive to people in the area.

Warhol wasn’t just an icon in the art community; he was an icon in American history and his works will be eternally studied and remembered across oceans.

The university community should be proud to have such a collection and should take advantage of it.

Managing editor Saerom Yoo for the editorial board.