SGA approves emergency funding for V-Day Campaign

As historic events unfolded at the inauguration in Washington, closer to home the Student Government Association held its own inauguration in the Chancellor’s Dining Room.

SGA President Kelsie Johnson, Vice President Matt Dietrichson, Treasurer Marlon Figueroa and Programming Council chair Kennedy Stewart took the oath of office in front of Chancellor Victor Boschini, students, staff and their families.

Immediately following the inauguration and reception, the House of Student Representatives met and approved a bill that would provide $500 of emergency funding to the university’s V-Day Campaign.

Academic Affairs Committee chair Candace Ruocco said the V-Day Campaign is a student organization that not only raises awareness about domestic violence but creates an outlet for women to talk about those issues. The campaign runs from Feb. 9 through Feb. 14 and includes events such as a candlelight vigil and performances of “The Vagina Monologues,” she said.

Preston Swincher, a theatre major and executive director of the TCU V-Day Campaign, said this is the fourth annual V-Day Campaign on campus. It is a week’s worth of events culminating in three productions of Eve Ensler’s award-winning play, he said.

The bill was authored by Ruocco and Joey Parr, the communications representative, and passed unanimously in the house.

House representatives also passed a resolution that would support the creation of an online open legislation program. The resolution, authored by the Academic Affairs Committee, would allow students to write legislation that would go before the House for debate.

Ruocco, one of the resolution’s co-authors, said the resolution will streamline the process for student participation in SGA and increase the transparency of the association.

“Instead of just allowing students at TCU to write legislation, we can help them write it by providing templates that show the proper format for bills and resolutions,” Ruocco said.