Three-hour limitation of to-go option irrational

Like most recent changes to the university’s dining plan, the Simply To-Go option added last Monday has been met with both praise and criticism.

The new option is Dining Services’ response to concerns raised by students who weren’t able to use their swipes on the east side of campus. The creation of the Simply To-Go program demonstrates Dining Services’ commitment to students’ needs, and it has resolved the issue of students not being able to purchase meals while on the east side of campus.

After its first week, the program seems to be a success, and some students have already expressed their appreciation for the convenience it offers. It has also increased Sub Connection’s business “tremendously,” said Frank Horak, Sub Connection supervisor.

However, the new plan also has some limitations that seem unnecessary and might actually negate the convenience factor that the plan was designed to provide.

The most obvious of these limitations is the three-hour period after using Simply To-Go during which students can’t use their swipe cards at Market Square. The three-hour period, which Dining Services has termed the “meal zone,” is the time in which students will be satisfied after eating, said Legia Abato, Dining Services marketing manager.

Although this restriction probably won’t lead to any huge protests among the student body, it does seem unreasonable. Students should be able to decide what they eat and when they eat, especially with their widely varying class schedules, and Dining Services should not have the authority to tell them when they are and are not satisfied after eating at Sub Connection.

Another problem with the plan is that it is only available to students on the Silver, Gold and Platinum Frog Pass plans. Those on the Frog Pass Limited plan, which is open to Tom Brown-Pete Wright residents, are left out of the program completely.

Although Dining Services continues to make changes in response to student concerns, fewer changes would be necessary if Dining Services would more fully consider their actions before implementing them.

News editor Logan Wilson for the editorial board.