Crime update: Arrest warrant issued in burglary case

A warrant has been issued for a man suspected of burglarizing a car Monday night, a university police official said.

Vicki Lawson, a detective with the TCU Police Department, said that although two other passengers were detained Monday, a warrant was filed only for the driver of the car in which the stolen property was found.

“The way that the law is written, the property, even though it was in the car, becomes the sole property of the driver,” Lawson said.

Sgt. Kelly Ham said police were able to detain the vehicle by making a traffic stop. The passengers gave consent to search and $2,500 worth of property was returned to the owner of the vehicle burglarized in the parking lot of the Bayard H. Friedman Tennis Center, Ham said.

Fort Worth police officer C. A. Gonzalez said the burglary qualifies as a Class A misdemeanor based on the monetary value of the recovered property.

Ham said other property recovered from the stopped vehicle ties into other vehicle burglaries that occurred on the same day.

University police Sgt. Alvin Allcon said police could not make an arrest on the scene because no one had seen the individuals break into the car. Because motor vehicle burglary is a misdemeanor offense, a reliable witness or police officer must be able to report the incident, Allcon said.

Currently, university officials are still pursuing the driver. No arrests have been made.