Quiz: Will your relationship stand the test of time?

Quiz: Will your relationship stand the test of time?

Take this quiz to see where you stand. See bottom of page for results.

1. If your significant other wanted to see you right away without giving you a reason why, would you:

A) Drop everything to see what he/she wants.

B) Ask what he/she wants, then go anyway.

C) Blow him/her off. If there’s no reason, it’s not worth your time.

2. Do you ever think about someone besides your significant other in a romantic fashion?

A) Sometimes. It’s just daydreaming, right?

B) All the time! Nothing wrong with a healthy imagination.

C) Never. He/she is the only one for me.

3. Can you name your significant other’s favorite things? (music, books, movies, etc.)

A) Umm … is that important?

B) We know everything about each other.

C) I know a few things, but we’re still learning about each other.

4. Do you like spending time with your significant other?

A) Only if I’m not too busy.

B) We spend every minute together!

C) I try to avoid it unless there’s something in it for me.

5. What do you want to gain from a relationship?

A) A long-term partner.

B) Just some laughs. I’m not looking for anything serious.

C) Whatever happens is fine. I don’t really care.

6. How well can you function without your significant other?

A) If I’m not with him/her, I feel lost.

B) I don’t need anyone else. I function just fine.

C) I’m OK without my partner, but I’m happier with him/her.

7. How often do you and your significant other fight?

A) We can’t agree about anything.

B) We rarely fight.

C) We fight sometimes, but it’s never serious.

8. How often do you ask questions about your significant other’s day?

A) Rarely. I have my own stuff to worry about.

B) Sometimes. It doesn’t always come up.

C) Every time we talk. His/her feelings are as important as my own.

9. Your partner carefully planned a nice day out without checking to see if you have plans. You:

A) Love the spontaneity of the moment and go with it. You had a few things to do, but they can wait.

B) Go with him/her, but gently remind them that you won’t always be free.

C) Close the door. You had your day planned out and nothing is going to change your mind.

10. If your friends told you they thought you should break up with your significant other, you would:

A) Think about it, but you don’t really care one way or the other.

B) Dial the phone immediately. You’ve been looking for an excuse.

C) Tell them you respect their wishes, but it’s ultimately your decision.


1. A=1 B=2 C=3

2. A=2 B=3 C=1

3. A=3 B=1 C=2

4. A=2 B=1 C=3

5. A=1 B=3 C=2

6. A=1 B=3 C=2

7. A=3 B=1 C=2

8. A=3 B=2 C=1

9. A=1 B=2 C=3

10. A=2 B=3 C=1


10-16 points: You are extremely committed to your relationship. Your partner’s need, wants and thoughts rank high on your priority list. But be careful that you aren’t putting your own needs last. Relationships are equal parts giving and taking and if you’re not getting the same kind of devotion in return, it might be time to run.

17-23 points: You are somewhat committed to your relationship and you don’t see that as a bad thing. In the future, you might want to be more committed, but you’re not there now. Just be sure that though you might not be ready for a huge leap in commitment, your significant other might be. Staying on the same page with your partner will help clear up any potential misunderstandings.

24-30 points: You aren’t at all committed to your relationship. You put yourself first (and this isn’t always bad) and you seem unwilling to even consider the other half of your relationship. If you think you’d really be happier single, cut the other person loose. Part of being able to enjoy a relationship is being willing to think about another person and you’re just not there right now.