’25 things’ list silly, lighthearted fun

Facebook aficionados around the world are well versed in the posts of 25 random things. Participants on Facebook list 25 things about their lives that friends might not know and tag 25 people so they can do the same. It’s just another thing to do online when you’re bored, feel silly or have an inkling that someone wants to know 25 random things about you.

Not everyone is taking the posts lightheartedly. A recent Time Magazine article titled “25 Things I Didn’t Want to Know About You” said the game is completely “stupid.”

Claire Suddath, the writer of the article, said online friends share too much, are not funny enough and are not insightful. The author goes on to list the top 25 of the 25 random things she said she wishes her contacts would not have shared.

When I read the 25 random things she compiled I laughed out loud several times, and I was intrigued by a few and disturbed by a couple.

So I am left to wonder: Who cares if it is stupid? Sometimes stupid things can be fun and entertaining. Even more importantly, are people who take time to analyze how stupid it is actually more stupid?

One of the great things about Facebook is that it can be an escape from your stressful world. It’s often a welcome distraction where users can share experiences, photos, declare innermost feelings in a one-sentence status and connect with friends effortlessly. Posts like “25 things” are just fun ways to express yourself, not something to be overanalyzed.

Suddath should have ignored the “25 things” posts on Facebook like others do. Instead, the she probably spent more time writing the article than most people spend writing their list of 25 random things.

My guess is Time might be a little jealous of the estimated 5 million people who have participated in listing 25 random things instead of joining the Time fan page on Facebook which, at last count, had only 2,830 fans. Ouch!