Campus musicians need to inject some zest into local scene

Campus musicians need to inject some zest into local scene

Hey, lazy musicians: stop languishing and give Fort Worth some fresh tunes to tap its toes to.

Garage drummers, bedroom guitarists and closet maraca players, I’m looking at you.

I have walked by enough dormitories to know that this campus is full of musicians. I have stopped by enough 1873 Sports Bar & Grill jam sessions to know that some of those musicians want to perform for a live audience. But somehow, I have never met another student at any of the open mic nights around Fort Worth.

We all know weeknights are not for studying; in fact, they are for finding new and interesting ways not to study. An open mic night is an opportunity to get out of the house, hang out with friends and hear some flourishing local music. If you’re a musician yourself, it’s a great way to network with other musicians and get a following around town.

The Ridglea Theater is re-opening its lounge to local artists today. It will be the kick-off event of a recurring open mic session every Thursday from 8 p.m. to midnight. The Cellar bar on Berry Street started hosting Monday open mic sessions every week at 10:30 p.m. with alumnus Ben Napier. These are just a few examples of some opportunities for fun and music during the week.

“But Naheil, last time I tried to play an instrument I injured everyone’s eardrums within a five-mile radius. What can I do to help?”

Every music scene needs support to continue running. By being part of an enthusiastic audience, you contribute to the growth of the live music and entertainment scene in Fort Worth. You can find a jam session on any night of the week and there is always a wealth of booked shows at local bars and clubs on any given Friday or Saturday night. Stop by for a couple of drinks if you are of age or listen to a few sets and tip your local starving artists. We’re hungry.

It’s time to put the “funky” back in Funkytown, folks. Get out there and keep Fort Worth in tune.

For the scoop on local open mic nights Sunday-Thursday, visit the Skiff Arts & Entertainment blog at

Naheil Qudah is a junior marketing major from Amman, Jordan and a local performing artist.