Weekend update: New movies, music, games



One of the most anticipated comic book films in recent memory, director Zack Snyder’s adaptation of the Alan Moore comic threatens to turn the genre on its head with its complex character study. Don’t let that fool you. Previews of the “300” director’s new project promise plenty of action as well. Previous adaptations of Moore’s work like “V for Vendetta” are hit and miss, so much so that Moore asked that his name be taken off every adaptation since 2003’s “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” But from the looks of the previews, Snyder has captured a vision very close to the original source material so one can only hope it will live up to its hype and not get crushed underneath it. “Watchmen” is rated R and opens today.


Neko Case “Middle Cyclone”

The fiery Neko Case has blazed trails in both country and rock circles with The New Pornographers and her own band which releases “Middle Cyclone” on March 3. Case’s vocal delivery will remind listeners of the legendary Patsy Cline, but I bet Cline never sang about killing her lover and burying his body like Case did with “Furnace Room Lullaby.” The country siren has a voice that can warm your heart in one song and send shivers down your spine the next. The new album will also feature collaborations with other experimental country-rockers like Calexico and Los Lobos.

Video Games

“Halo Wars”

The first person shooter staple is set to make its first entry in the real-time strategy genre with players assuming the role of a commander instead of the one-man army Master Chief. This will require more patience and management skills than most brute force hard-core shooter fans are probably accustomed to. Players can play as the Alien Covenant or the United Nations Space Command marines and fight on the ground or take it to the air with all the familiar weapons and vehicles found in the popular games.

“Halo” developer Bungie Studios handed the reins over to Ensemble Studios to make the transition, which should be a smooth one considering the group has worked on the successful “Age of Empires” series. “Halo Wars” was released March 3.