Alumni return to campus as staff members

While some alumni can only be seen around campus for football season, charity events and fundraisers, others can be found on campus every day.

Alumnus Jason Eagar, director of student programs and young alumni for TCU Annual Fund, said that after he graduated in 2002 he began work at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. He said the job was a good opportunity, but when he was notified of an opening for a position at TCU, he could not turn it down.

“TCU graduates are loyal to TCU and 99 percent of the time they had a positive experience and want to give something back to the university,” Eagar said.

In March of 2006, Eagar took the position of assistant director of alumni relations. He said that after a few years he was moved to his current position.

Eagar said the best part of working at TCU is the relationships built with students and employees.

“It’s truly a community here,” Eagar said. “I have the opportunity to interact with students from all different backgrounds on an educational and friendship level.”

With the current economic crisis, Eagar said the university presents a great opportunity to make an impact on the students who are the country’s future. He said working for the university allows graduates to help shape future generations.

Another graduate said that after she graduated in May 2000, she worked elsewhere for six years until given the opportunity to return to campus.

Elizabeth Perkins, director of admission communication and marketing, said that after graduation she began working at Casa Manana, the largest performing arts organization in Tarrant County. During her time at Casa Manana, Perkins said she moved from communications associate to public relations manager.

In 2004, Perkins applied for a position at the university and was turned down. She said she was devastated, but soon after began working for Paige Hendricks Public Relations Inc., a public relations firm in Fort Worth.

Two years later, Perkins applied and was accepted for the position of director of admission communication and marketing for the university. She said working on campus is exactly the working environment she has been looking for.

“I’m a creative person, so it’s important for me to feel like I’m in an enticing environment,” Perkins said. “There’s an energy here, and I think the students and professors are passionate about the school and making a difference.”

Perkins said her favorite part about working for TCU, besides tulip season, is the academic and individual goals people on campus set for themselves and others.

“I love that people are here to learn and not meet the bottom line like at a lot of corporate places you work at or attend,” Perkins said. “Here, it’s about learning and growing into excellence.”