Spring 2009: The good and the bad

CHEERS to the football team for capping off a great season with a No. 7 ranking and a win over a previously undefeated Boise State University team in the Poinsettia Bowl.

JEERS to Dining Services for keeping possibly tainted peanut butter crackers on the shelves after they had been recalled by Kellogg, and to the communications office for failing to adequately warn students of the danger.

CHEERS to the active students on campus responsible for the creation of new groups – including those in support of LGBTQ students and student veterans – for voicing their concerns and expanding dialogue.

JEERS to the administration for going against its own word and not installing the new Living Learning Communities next fall.

CHEERS to the university for opposing the application of concealed-handgun carry laws on campus and supporting the rights of private institutions to manage their own properties.

JEERS to Athletic Media Relations for removing a student reporter from the MountainWest Sports Network for voicing his opinion about a football player – on an opinion program.

CHEERS to Dining Services for overhauling the meal plan and giving students more food-choice options and meal plans.

JEERS to TCU Connect for requiring students to have an $85 digital tuner to receive all their TV channels.

CHEERS to equestrian team member Carrie von Uhlit for winning the 2009 Varsity Equestrian Reining Individual Championship on Saturday.

JEERS to advising services at the university, given that according to a study of graduating seniors from 2007-2008, 9.5 percent of graduates were delayed in their graduation plans because of misadvising.

CHEERS to the university for spearheading the creation of a veterans’ group.

Associate editor David Hall for the editorial board.