TCU Athletics to host watch party of football game

TCU Athletics has organized a watching party for students, alumni and the community in the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum for Saturday’s football game at Clemson University.

A large videoboard in the coliseum will show live coverage of the game, available from the Web site, which shows live and past sporting events.

Since ESPN has the rights to coverage of the game, and it is not being shown on one of their networks, the only option for students and the community would have been to watch the game on their computers.

Zach Kulesz, assistant director of athletic marketing, said the event would allow people who don’t have access to the game to enjoy it on a screen larger than a computer.

“It’s the first time we’ve done it in awhile,” Kulesz said. “It’s the first time we’ve had a game on ESPN360 that we’ve broadcast in here.”

According to the event flyer on, the event will have free admission and concessions will be available.

Jenya Felder, assistant director of alumni relations, said there will be popcorn, candy, soft drinks and other items available for purchase.

Alcohol will not be available at the event, per Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills request, because of the underage people who would attend, Felder said.

Felder said that the university is projecting a turnout of between 400 and 500 people at the event.

There was a watching party held several years ago in the Kelly Alumni Center that had 250 attendees as well as a waiting list, Felder said. This year’s projection is larger because of the increase in size of the venue.

Because Charter Communications, the Fort Worth area cable provider, is not carrying the game, many alumni are expected to attend the event, Felder said.

“We are (expecting a lot of alumni), especially since the game is not televised this year,” Felder said. “A lot of people don’t necessarily have that connection (to game coverage).”

Felder said that it is the goal of the university to get alumni and the community involved in the weekend’s event.

“That’s part of our mission here, to actively engage alumni, parents, and friends within the community through the lives of TCU,” Felder said. “We always plan events for alumni and would like to get the community involved.”

Kulesz said that the team’s high ranking this year is also a factor in planning the watching party for the university.