Council makes big move with small-scale activities

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke may say the recession is over, but most, if not all, will continue to feel the pinch as the faint economy wobbles toward recovery.

When finances are low, one of the first things to take a hit is entertainment. Some students, especially those who pay their own rent or take on other expenses, will find themselves passing on the latest blockbuster or limiting their trips to Whataburger. On a Friday night, they may find themselves hibernating, doing homework, or, God forbid, watching a Lifetime movie.

Programming Council’s initiative to promote small-scale programs on campus could not have come at a better time. Such programs give students an opportunity to mingle with others and have fun at no cost.

The Programming Council team is getting creative too. One of their upcoming activities is a Japanese cultural event, which shows Programming Council’s perceptiveness of what students like. Cooking demonstrations and dancing lessons have also been planned.

In addition to providing students with cheap entertainment, Programming Council will be able to get the most bang for its buck by using its money in several small events spread out over the semester. After all, OneRepublic can’t play after every home football game.

With calls for fiscal responsibility ringing in everyone’s ears, it’s good to see Programming Council making smart use of its money.

Managing editor Julieta Chiquillo for the editorial board.