New Computer Help Desk feature speeds up service

Technology resources implemented two new services on Oct. 1 to help improve customer satisfaction and service, a technology resources spokeswoman said.

The new self-service allows students and faculty to create a service request ticket for any technology problems online through, said Lenelda Pennington, associate director of technology resources customer services. Once a ticket is entered into the system, it will be added to other pending tickets and answered by the Computer Help Desk, Pennington said.

Before the services were added, service consultants or student workers would receive a service request through e-mail and would have to manually enter it in the system, she said. The new services make it direct and faster, she said.

“It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Pennington said. “We’ve had customers that wanted to be able to log their own ticket in our system.”

Freshman education major Katye Gallardo said she has used the computer help desk a few times this year and would look into using the new services if any problems arise.

The new service would probably be easier and more convenient to use than going to the library to have a question answered, Gallardo said.

Pennington said even though the services just started there has been an increase in tickets coming into self-service.

The new self-service is easier for students to use because they’re on the Web most of the time, Pennington said.

“It’s easier to just go to a Web site and quickly log your problem than to wait on voice mail or come up here,” she said.

The other service that was added were surveys to help customers improve satisfaction, she said.

“We’re hoping to get feedback on how we’re doing and whether things are needed so that we can give better customer service,” she said.

Freshman biology major Susan Frutiger said she would use the new service in the future and would do the surveys to provide feedback to Technology Resources.