Free legal advice for students should have been promoted

Universities have the ability to offer students valuable services that they would otherwise not have access to, but unfortunately many of these resources are overlooked by the student body.

One such resource on campus is Chuck Rowland, an attorney who provides free legal advice on campus every other Wednesday. So few people were using his services that the Student Government Association, which facilitated the free legal service, slashed his hours and his pay in half this year. Rowland used to come to campus once every week and was paid $3,000 a semester, but as of two weeks ago, Rowland comes to campus once every two weeks and is paid $1,500 a semester.

More students should be utilizing this service while it’s available to them. Further, while it is understandable that SGA would want to save money because not many students are using the service, it needs to be more active in promoting it.

The money used to pay Rowland comes from the $24 fee that every member of the student body must pay each semester. Every student is indirectly paying for Rowland’s services, and SGA should let students know where their money is going so they can utilize the resources that SGA makes available to them.

Associate editor Logan Wilson for the editorial board.