Online food ordering could make for a smart move

With the possibility that a new program known as Webfood might allow students to order food from the comfort of their own rooms, Dining Services is finally stepping into the 21st century. The program, which would allow students to place orders at eateries like Sub Connection and 1873 as well as receive text message updates on the status of their order, addresses a common complaint among university students – that Dining Services doesn’t cater to busy schedules.

If you have to pay for a meal plan while living on campus, it does make sense that students would want the most for their money. After all, classes have to be a first priority and settling for a hasty snack on the way to lecture can’t replace the nutritional value of an actual meal. This is a major step toward correcting an error in the Dining Services purpose, to cater to students’ needs. Yes, feeding students is somewhat essential, but the top priority should be flexibility in scheduling. Students shouldn’t have to choose between lunch and university obligations.

While upperclassmen are still sore about the loss of the ‘to-go’ option from the old Main, this is the best option for the Brown-Lupton University Union.

And with this addition, maybe those upperclassmen will finally stop complaining about a dining hall that in reality isn’t as bad as they think.

Opinion editor Libby Davis for the editorial board.