Band to play Halloween themed music at game

The music played during halftime at Saturday’s Homecoming football game will reflect the Halloween holiday.

JP Wilson, TCU band drum major and senior music education major, said fans in attendance can expect to hear something different Saturday.

“We’re going to play some ‘Ghostbusters,’ and we’re going to play ‘Thriller,'” Wilson said.

The performance will feature a Halloween theme and also showcase bits from the band’s regular halftime show, he said.

Wilson said it took the band five rehearsals to prepare for the special show.

Brian Youngblood, director of the Horned Frog Marching band, said the band will also play “Party Like a Rockstar.”

With the performance a day away, Youngblood said the anticipation of the show continues to grow.

“The students have had a good time working on it,” Youngblood said, “It will be fun to see what (the crowd) thinks.”

Christine Schwaebler, TCU band drum major and junior finance and accounting major, said the holiday game will give the band a chance to focus on entertaining the crowd.

“This is the first opportunity we’ve had, where we’ve had a game on Halloween … we wanted to do something that was a little bit different that kind of just shakes it up a little bit,” Schwaebler said.

She said she hoped those that usually get up at halftime to get food will sit and watch the show once they hear something familiar.

“The chances of you seeing a marching band do what we’re going to do are pretty slim to none these days,” Schwaebler said.