Elections give chance to make voices heard

To many students, student body officer elections are just a time for campaign stickers and free food that candidates sometimes offer.

However, the importance of the elections should not be lost on the student body. Student Government Association represents every student on campus.

While taking free breakfast tacos or rocking a fashionable campaign sticker might be nice for a day, students shouldn’t forget what all of the fanfare is about.

Student body officers act on behalf of students and serve as a liaison between the general student body population and the administration. Those who do not vote for their preferred representative among their fellow students have no right to complain about any action undertaken by SGA on behalf of the student body.

Kudos to all of the students who have voted thus far for student body president, vice president, treasurer and Programming Council chair. If students have not yet voted, the polls remain open until noon today.

For students who want to have their voice heard, voting for student body officers is a good place to start.

Editor-in-chief David Hall for the editorial board.