Art student showcases artwork in two exhibitions

The art of DJ Perera, a senior studio art major, will be displayed in two exhibitions in the Metroplex during the months of March and April.

The first exhibition, titled “Introducing DJ Perera,” will be hosted at the ThirdSpace Gallery in downtown Dallas until April 3 and will feature between 12 and 15 paintings.

Perera said this is a display-and-sale exhibition, with paintings starting at $600.

“It’s going to be the body of work that I’ve created for the past year,” Perera said.

Jordan Roth, one of the partners of Ro2 Art, the art dealers putting on the exhibition, said he initially planned to show the work in a restaurant space.

“But when we actually went to Fort Worth to see his paintings, and when we got there, we were pretty mesmerized by the scope of his work,” Roth said. “There were so many paintings that were really good. We really wanted to take the whole exhibit to Dallas for it to be seen.”

The second exhibition, titled “Untitled,” will be at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center and will run April 1-30.

Kat Versfelt, the program assistant for the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, said she invited Perera to display his work because she liked the meaning behind it.

“He has a good idea behind his work,” Versfelt said. “None of his paintings are titled so the viewer can look at the compositions with a blank slate and they can come up with their own opinions about the pieces.”

She said Perera was a good candidate because of his youth and because he was an artist from within the community.

“I think that he’s a promising up-and-coming artist,” she said. “At the Community Arts Center we focus on helping and exposing local artists.”

Perera said he thought the exhibitions would be beneficial for his career as an artist.

“This is a huge step forward, especially for an undergraduate student,” he said. “My artwork is going to be seen in a community outside of the TCU community.”