Change in bus route’s time calls for feedback

Relatively few students use public transportation on a regular basis, so they may not think the city’s proposal to cut in half the number of times the bus travels on Route 7 is a big deal. However, Route 7 happens to stop along South University Drive on campus, dropping off or picking up students, faculty and staff members on campus every day.

Cutting the frequency of the route is sure to anger some of those who rely on it as a convenient, or necessary, means of getting to campus. But city officials have said that it needs to be done for budgetary reasons. Other measures to prevent a budget crisis have been tried, said city officials, and though the change may throw a kink into some people’s daily routines, it is preferable to cutting dozens or more jobs in the city to save money. And at least the city isn’t getting rid of the route all together.

For those who will be affected, a slight adjustment to one’s schedule should resolve most issues caused by the change.

On the other hand, people who feel strongly about the change and the impact it may have on those who rely on the current bus schedule should realize the power they can have to influence those who will decide the fate of the proposal. Students and staff, including administrators, can and should lobby city officials on behalf of members in their community if they feel strongly about an issue.

Managing editor Logan Wilson for the editorial board.