East Greene Avenue parking lot to undergo expansion

Expansion of the East Greene Avenue parking lot, adjacent to the Air Force ROTC building on West Lowden Street, is scheduled to begin sometime in the future, a Physical Plant official said.

“Right now we’re in the process of moving staff from the Rickel to the Reed building,” said Harold Leeman, associate director of major projects for the Physical Plant. “Once that is done, we will move the ROTC into the Rickel Building and start work on the East Greene lot.”

Leeman said Physical Plant will remove the ROTC building to create more parking spaces in the East Greene lot.

The lot that used to house the temporary buildings will be called the West Greene Avenue parking lot, Leeman said.

The West Greene lot was scheduled to be completed before students returned from spring break, but Leeman said the weather during that week interfered with construction.

“A lot of rain happened last week,” he said. “We wanted to be done striping on Sunday, but because of the weather we couldn’t finish until Monday. Then we still had 10 to 15 parking blocks that needed to be bolted in.”

Will Stallworth, associate vice chancellor of facilities, said earlier this month that new lights were being installed in the Beasley parking lot and students should expect to see 44 new parking spaces.

Leeman said there are no plans for construction on the Beasley lot, which is adjacent to the West Greene lot. The university wants to wait until plans for a potential new building for the Brite Divinity School are completed.

The current layout of the West Greene and Beasley lots will remain that way for a while, Leeman said.

“At this point, everything is done over there,” he said.

News Now reporter Lizzy Karoly contributed to this report.

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