CommUNITY reflects efforts to recognize the oppressed

CommUNITY week at TCU has gone full circle this year and has truly proved that diversity of opinion and tolerance of differing perspectives are welcome on our campus. With the Tunnel of Oppression representing the harsh living conditions of people around the world and abroad, the sense of global citizenry emphasized in our TCU mission statement is truly made reality. By remembering those lost in brutal massacres, understanding the struggles of life as a schizophrenic or an illegal sex worker and seeing the impact of economic exploitation in various parts of the world, we learn that our world is filled with injustice and intolerance, but by working together to better understand these issues and to correct them, we establish a sense of community that is much stronger than pride for our athletic teams or any other aspect of school spirit.

The sheer fact that the Holocaust Museum and a tribute to the destroyed Palestinian villages of 1948 can both be present on campus at the same time and close in proximity proves that our campus is truly tolerant and welcoming. As president of Peace Action, I wear my blue ribbon to honor those lost in the Holocaust as I help set up the Palestine room in the Tunnel of Oppression. Increasing awareness and urging action is what Peace Action is dedicated to, and we welcome all those interested to attend our film screening of “Occupation 101” tonight in BLUU Ballroom A at 5 p.m. and take part in friendly, scholarly and respectful discussion afterward.

Fidaa Elaydi is a senior political science and sociology major from Cedar Hill.