Sister Power

Sister Power

FORTWORTH, TX — The volleyball team ended its spring play Saturday and is aiming to advance further this upcoming season after its first NCAA tournament appearance in the fall.

Head coach Prentice Lewis said the team is excited for next season and could be the most gifted that she has coached in her eight years at the university.

“We are going to have a very dynamic team, a very athletic team, and as long as everything comes together we’ll be a pretty darn good team,” Lewis said.

Two players who will be key to the team are the Hester sisters, Irene and Kristen.

Lewis and teammates will tell you that their relationship isn’t like most other sisters.

“I will tell these two, the two sisters, are different than most sisters I have ever known,” Lewis said. “They are best, best friends. They get along so well. They want to be with each other 24-7, and it’s fun to coach kid’s like that.”

The younger sister, Kristen, almost didn’t come to TCU, but her bond with Irene was too strong.

“When it was my senior year and she was already here, I was committed to another school,” Kristen said. “I couldn’t stand it. My senior year I was like have to have Irene on the court with me. So I ended up de-committing and coming here pretty much cause I wanted to play with Irene. If she’s not on the court with me it’s weird.”

Most sisters have far different interests and personalities. The Hesters are very much alike. They pretty much have the same personalities and likes, Irene said.

Except for what they do in their spare time.

“I like to be more active,” Irene said. “On my free time I like to go running or play basketball or just anything active. On her spare time she would rather be sleeping or watching TV.”

Since Irene has arrived on campus, the team has been winning more each year. Irene said she wants to take the next step and help the volleyball program progress further.

“Ever since I’ve been a freshman, each year we’ve won a little bit more, so we’re wanting to take that next step,” she said. “(We) won the first round (in last year’s NCAA tournament), now we want to get to the Sweet 16. We want to make sure each year we’re progressively getting better.”

Kristen said she’s excited for next season and for the growth of the program.

“We’re thrilled,” she said. “We can’t wait. It’s Irene’s senior year and the last time I get to play with her,” she said. “TCU is growing so much…we’re just excited to have another great year.”

Lewis said she is impressed with how much they have improved since arriving on campus and expects a good season for both of them.

“They have come along way since being here at TCU, and I think it will be a very dynamic year for the two,” Lewis said.