Ridglea Theater deserves preservation

We all have some places in our lives that hold special memories.

For some Fort Worth residents, one of those places could be in danger of losing at least some of that significance.

Bank of America is considering buying the Ridglea Theater, located on Camp Bowie Boulevard, and turning it into another Fort Worth bank location. The bank would keep the theater’s facade intact while remodeling the inside.

It is unfortunate that the Ridglea is in this situation. The theater should be preserved and continue to be put to use as an entertainment venue, much like it is used now as a concert venue for local bands.

However, the Ridglea should not even be in this situation.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy wrote Wednesday that efforts to save the Ridglea should have begun earlier with a real business plan as opposed to the current last-gasp pleas.

This could hardly be truer. People who really wanted to save theater should have formed a plan when FixFunding, owner of the theater, put it up for sale.

If someone does not step up soon with an offer to compete with Bank of America, a Fort Worth treasure will be lost.

And if that happens, many memories will be too.

News editor Marshall Doig for the editorial board.