The Purple Poll Answered

The Purple Poll Answered

Do your really think the stadium needs to be renovated and why?

Junior strategic communication major Nicole Garrison

“In a way I do, because my parents have…tickets and they come to each game. And they’re way far up in the stands. And it’s just hard in the heat to walk so far, and so I think renovating it would be nice.”

Freshman biology major Eric Bane

“Yes, I think it should be renovated because we have a better football team this year.”

Junior secondary education major Anthony Hernandez

“When you’re No. 6 in the country, and you want that kind of publicity, then yes, you need a new stadium. You need to look good in front of the country.”

Freshman communication studies major Brittany Henderson

“I don’t think it’s in desperate need of renovation. I think it’s really nice8212;it’s nicer than a lot of the other schools’.”

Senior strategic communications major Tiffany Hamlett

“I think we have a beautiful stadium, and the better that the TCU football team does and the more students that are enrolled in TCU, I think eventually we will need a renovation, but I think this year is going to be a pivotal point to see how many people actually come to home games and see how well TCU does as a team.”

Senior strategic communications major Lauren Byrd

“As of right now I think the stadium is fine as it is…I think that in the future it will be necessary to renovate the stadium just to accommodate all of the people, but as of right now, I don’t think it’s necessary.”