A fuller understanding of Islam is sorely needed

When I came to college, I prepared myself to have my beliefs, ideas and pre-held conceptions challenged and turned inside out. Yet when I got here, it seemed that people were clinging even more tightly to their adolescent misconceptions, including those about stereotypes or religions.

Tonight university religion professors and representatives from the Muslim Student Association will dispel myths and negative perceptions that Americans still carry about Muslims. The discussion will push for increased cultural awareness and will include information about Islam’s role as a religion of peace.

Students and faculty will have an opportunity to come to a fuller understanding of one of the most populous world religions, something that is sorely needed. It is also disheartening to think that university students, historically a group of people that has pushed for tolerance and change, even need to be told to be open to other ideas and religions.

Islam is not a religion of war any more than Christianity is a religion of intolerance. Whether or not students attend tonight’s event, the ideas of tolerance that it will convey should be practiced by everyone.

Editor-in-chief Libby Davis for the editorial board.