Hyperfrogs to award TV to fan who attends most games

HyperFrogs, a campus organization that promotes sportsmanship and fan support, focuses on major varsity sports. However, in order to broaden its impact, the organization is offering a special incentive to get fans to spring sports. In an effort to fill lesser-attended spring sports, HyperFrogs president Granger Talley said the organization initiated the spring incentive program last year. The incentive, a 38-inch TV, will be given to the fan that attends the most games during the spring season.

All fans, not just HyperFrogs members, are eligible to win the prize, Talley said. HyperFrogs will keep track of who attends the most games by counting whose name appears most in drawings for smaller prizes at each spring sports event.

Talley, a junior political science and history double major, said HyperFrogs was committed to attending every football and baseball game. In the spring, however, the organization struggles to cover all of the events.

“We primarily focus on football in the past year because that is and always [has] been the most popular fall sport,” Talley said. “Baseball is our prime spring sport.”

In 2008, HyperFrogs had about 10 members, and last year the number increased to about 60 members. Talley said he expects more than 100 members this year.

Talley said the organization struggled with low attendance at some sporting events, like tennis, because of the location of the competitions. The tennis courts are too far of a walk, he said, so the football stadium, basketball and volleyball gyms were more convenient for HyperFrogs members to get to.

“Most of the stuff we try to go [to] is on campus so students can walk,” Talley said.

Talley said sports like golf and tennis weren’t well-attended by the HyperFrogs because most of the games, tournaments and matches are off-campus or during times that members are in class.

For those reasons, the incentive program is only available in the spring, he said.

During the fall, there are about 88 total games, far more than the organization can cover in one season, Talley said. HyperFrogs tries to choose events where they will be needed the most and where they can make the most impact, he said.

Talley said coaches and the athletic department contact him when they need support at big competitions. HyperFrogs members then choose the most important games, the ones where teams most need their support and cheers, he said.

Swimming and diving head coach Richard Sybesma said HyperFrogs supports the swimming and diving team, especially at its big dual meets.

Sybesma said he appreciated HyperFrogs because diving can be a hard competition to follow, and sometimes fans don’t know when to cheer.

Talley said anyone who wants to show up and be crazy and loud is encouraged to join. HyperFrogs try to keep membership as open as possible, Talley said. Interested students can sign up under HyperFrogs’ OrgSync page.