TCU should keep up on emergency protocol

Students had a unfortunate wake up call early yesterday this morning, or more accurately, they didn’t.

They didn’t because the power was out for three or more hours early Thursday in several building around campus. The power outage was enough to close down the library till 4:30 am and knock out the card reader systems for all of the affected.

TCU Alert didn’t even send out an e-mail to inform the student population about what was happening on the main campus. Thankfully the outage didn’t last long and there were no related injuries.

The outage served as a great reminder that TCU needs to keep up on all emergency protocol, even for minor events like a power outage. Even though TCU responded quickly and problems were minimized, it doesn’t mean that issues weren’t there or that they could have been much worse.

Students were unable to get into their dorms for extended periods of time, and had the outage been because of a natural disaster, the situation of being locked out becomes all the more dire.

Everyone was safe and at the most the outage proved only to be a minor inconvenience, but it was a good reminder of how to react when things go wrong.

Multimedia editor Matt Coffelt for the editorial board.