New Congress permeated by uncooperativeness

The midterm elections have come and gone, leaving some with renewed hope and others with a sense of despair. Above all, there is a sense of anticipation to see what the new Congress will do to help improve the lives of the American public.

At the forefront of all this waiting is the desire to see whether or not the Republicans and Democrats will finally work with each other to help move America forward, now that the GOP controls the House of Representatives and the Democrats still control the Senate.

After all of the wretched partisanship and voting based solely on party lines, will this new Congress work together despite the political and ideological differences? Well, if listening to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell talk about one of his party’s top priorities, the answer looks to be a resounding no. According to McConnell, “Making Obama a one-term president is a top goal for the GOP.” So, for those in the American public hoping for some cooperation between the parties, things are not looking good thus far.

I personally find this statement by McConnell to be absolutely mind-boggling. To think that one of the two major political parties strives to make life even harder for the president because he is in the opposite party is absolutely disgraceful.

McConnell was elected by the constituents of his state, Kentucky, to represent them and to improve America, not to make sure Obama fails at his job.

With the unemployment rate hovering near 10 percent, a weak economy, two wars and many Americans struggling to make ends meet, the primary focus of every elected official should be to formulate a plan to best help the American public. Yet after the election, for an elected official, especially a senator in such a powerful position as McConnell, to openly declare that the top priority is to make sure the sitting president is only in office for one term is an insult to the American public and the people who elected McConnell.

It’s political partisanship at its very worst, and it’s an absolute disgrace.

Cooperation is needed. For far too long, Americans have demonized their fellow countrymen for having a different set of beliefs than their own. This is true for everybody, no matter their ideological preferences. Yet in such times of trials and tribulations, a partnership among all Americans is needed, no matter their ideological orientation.

McConnell’s recent comments demonstrate a dangerous continuation of inept and divisive political bickering and seem to guarantee no real progress in fixing America’s problems. Now more than ever, cooperation and real leadership are needed, yet our elected officials seem to be focused on more political power for their parties. The American public deserves so much better.

Jordan Rubio is a freshman broadcast journalism major from San Antonio.