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Taco Week to help support United Way

A university marketing class has partnered with United Way of America to organize and promote Fort Worth Taco Week Nov. 14-18, a university student involved in promoting the project said.

Senior marketing major Hannah O’Toole said that during the week, participating restaurants will donate 25 cents from every taco sold on its designated date to the United Way.

According to, this year’s restaurants include Chimy’s, Old Rip’s Tex-Mex Restaurant, Salsa Limón, Yucatan Taco Stand, Red Cactus and Pulído’s.

Senior education major Jenna Cossu said she thought it was a good thing that students were getting involved.

“Knowing it’s people I go to school with makes me proud to go to this school,” she said. “I will definitely be going to those taco places next week.”

Nicole Messner, a senior engineering major, said she plans to visit Yucatan Taco Stand next week.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to give back to the community and [is] fairly simple, too,” Messner said.

United Way Tarrant County CEO Tim McKinney said he was excited about the event and hoped it would not be the last time his organization would partner with the university.

“I really don’t care if [we raise] $50 or $5,000…the important thing is that we’ve developed this relationship with TCU,” McKinney said.

O’Toole said the Taco Streaker, a man dressed as a taco and wearing a sombrero, would make appearances in several locations around Fort Worth to promote the project. He is also scheduled to appear at the football game Saturday.

“He’ll probably be passing out fliers, taking pictures, that kind of thing,” O’Toole said.

In addition to the streaker, O’Toole said her performance marketing class was responsible for branding, creating concepts, approaching restaurants about getting involved and pitching ideas to United Way. The class of 23 students split into groups, each responsible for different parts of the campaign, including the website, social media and press releases.

The class was designed to teach students how to track the individual progress of online promotional efforts and figure out which ones were most successful, she said.

Fort Worth Taco Week, Nov. 14-18

Sunday 8212; Los Vaqueros

Monday 8212; Red Cactus and Yucatan Taco Stand

Tuesday 8212; Chimy’s

Wednesday 8212; Old Rip’s Tex-Mex Restaurant and Pulído’s

Thursday 8212; Salsa Limón

For more information, visit

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