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Career services becomes

New specialized career advisors will begin working with students on a more personal level within Career Services, rather than providing only general assistance to students.

Assistant director Terrence Hood said Career Services will be assigning a career adviser to each college and will ultimately establish more specified services for all majors. The initiative has been building up momentum since its beginning in November through efforts to gain the support of the deans of the colleges, he said.

“We wanted each student to have one central point of contact,” Hood said.

Career Adviser Rachael Thomas agreed that the attention to students would be more specialized.

“We are going to be spending a lot more time in our respective colleges,” Thomas said.

Career advisers would be stationed in their colleges so that students will become familiar with their adviser, Thomas said.

Hood added that the program would work more closely with faculty to help promote their services.

Advisers planned to go into classrooms and “conduct presentations on specific career-related topics,” Thomas said.

The program would also eventually offer more specialized workshops, such career fairs for each major, Hood said. This would be in addition to the networking nights that are currently offered and can be viewed on the Career Services website.

“We want to do targeted presentations and workshops for each college,” he said.

The workshops and presentations would address the specific needs and questions for each major, Hood said. Career advisers could also help build resumes that are typical of the industry students hope to get into, he said.

The more general approach would be a thing of the past as Career Services shifted to make their services more accessible to students of every major, Hood said.

“It’s a more cutting edge career center,” he said.

Currently, only 30 percent of students use Career Services, Hood said, and the new program would encourage students to take full advantage of the various tools and events it offered.

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