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Wallyball combines recreation with intensity

Students with a love for racquetball and volleyball now have a way of combining their two passions.

The game is called Wallyball. It is a cross between volleyball and racquetball and is played in the Rec Center’s racquetball courts. Players hit a ball back and forth, over a net and off the walls. If the ball hits the ground, the opposite team receives a point.

Sophomore Brent Folan said he loves the game because it is intense and unique.

“I signed up for wallyball through my fraternity and just fell in love with it. It’s a great sport. It combines two of my favorite sports: one of them being racquetball and then volleyball, of course,” he said.

Folan said he used a level of strategy when he played and that his team was undefeated.

Director of intramural sports Mike Hackemack said this is the second consecutive year that wallyball has been offered as an intramural sport. Ten more teams have joined since last year, making 30 teams in competition this season.

Junior Dalton Goodier said the game grew because it’s easy to learn and play.

“Whether you’re a big-time athlete or not, you’re probably on the same level as everyone else,” Goodier said. “We have had a lot of people that have never even heard about wallyball that have come out and played.”

Complete Available Standings for Intramural Wallyball Teams

Team Wins/Loses

Wild Sets 1 0

Sig Ep A 1 0

The Quad 1 0

Pi Kapp C 1 0

Freshman C Team 0 1

Team USA 0 1

PKS Gold 0 1

Sig Ep B 0 1

Pi Kapp A 0 0

Pi Kapp B 0 0

Sig Ep Red 0 0

Team 12 0 0

Wall E 1 0

Sport Psychos 0 1

Safe Sets 0 0

C.O.B. 0 0

Spartans 0 0

High School Heroes 2 0

Gamma Phi 1 0

AD Pi 0 1

Sigma Kappa 0 1

BAMFs 0 1

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