Legislators should consider the kids

Between all the debate and uproar about the coming cuts in the Texas budget, there have been plenty of objections when it comes to slashing the education budget. Young teachers are being laid off left and right, and it will be increasingly difficult for new teachers to find jobs.

But what’s far more important than jobs and budgets is the way this will affect the thousands of children who show up at Texas schools every Monday through Friday. After all, that money is meant to be invested in their learning. All of those teachers are needed to help guide them down their intellectual path. All of those buses, buildings and programs are needed to provide for them the resources necessary for gaining knowledge.

So why have they been put in the back seat while this issue is being discussed? They should be in the forefront of Texas legislators’ minds when they consider cutting the billions of dollars that have been proposed. Hiring fewer teachers and letting go of some of the ones already in the field is not in the best interest of the students.

If the Texas school system served our legislators well at all, they should be creative enough to find a solution that does not severely cripple our education system. Because after all, someday those same children will be sitting in their places, and in ours, and in yours.

News editor Katey Muldrow for the editorial board.