Pets109, a growing resource to find a lost friend

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare – you leave a door open by mistake and your pet wanders outside.

You run though the neighborhood looking and calling your pet’s name, but end up back in your living room, empty leash in hand. And you wonder how best to get the news out about your lost pet – signs on telephone poles, posters in a veterinary clinic, an ad in the newspaper?

Now there’s a new option to 109ers who have lost a pet:

Pets109 is a website working in tandem with Google Groups to help the people in the 109 find their lost pets. Some neighborhoods operate listservs to alert their neighbors about lost pets. Pets109 combines these small groups into one big one, with the hope of re-uniting pets and their owners.

People can join the group online and then post photos and detailed descriptions of their lost pets online.

Recently Ginger Dickenson, a resident of Ridglea North, found a young black male cat roaming around the neighborhood. When no flyers for the cat appeared, she turned to Pets109 to try and find the owner. The cat was adopted, but was unable to live with his new owner’s dog and is once again up for adoption.

“It’s there to help find a lost pet or a new home,” Dickenson said. “You have a lot more exposure.”

Jeb Bradshaw founded the group on March 3 and since then it has grown to 24 members. There have been eight posts on lost or found animals. Four dogs — a pug, a black Lab, a Spaniel, and a Husky– But thanks to Pets109, their new family may be right around the corner.