Students visit mosque for class

Religion students visited the Fort Worth based Islamic Association of Tarrant County (IATC) Friday, April 1 to expand their global awareness, and try to raise their grades.

Students enrolled in religion classes with professors Yushau Sodiq and Elizabeth Flowers are required to visit a non-Christian religious service each semester as part of their grade.

Sophomore marketing major Makenzie Smith said that these types of experiences help end unsupported negative ideas about other cultures.

“There are sometimes negative connotations that come with every culture,” Smith said. “So when you experience it, you know it’s just a regular religion that anyone can practice.”

Students were participants in an afternoon Islamic service. Sodiq is a practicing Muslim and delivered the sermon in a combination of English and Arabic.

Students who attended the IATC visit were separated by gender after they entered the building. Women sat in an overflow room behind the main prayer hall and TCU students wore head covers out of respect for the religion. They also participated in the prostrating prayer to end the service.

Member of the IATC and University of Texas at Arlington graduate Alia Salem said that breaking down barriers of prejudice would require outreach from both the Fort Worth and Islamic communities.