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SGA opens meeting to Paschal High students

Members of Paschal High School’s student council joined the Student Government Association meeting Tuesday night to learn how student government works at the collegiate level.

SGA opened the majority of the meeting for a question and answer session, as well as a mock demonstration of how the House process works.

Speaker of the House Andrew Pulliam said he was excited for students at Paschal to have an opportunity to see how student government functions at this level. He encouraged the students to ask any questions they had about SGA.

Caroline Wiersgalla, vice president of external affairs, said TCU and Paschal would be working closely together in the future. Using a joint effort, they plan to focus on the community around Fort Worth. The two student governments hope to conduct events at both Paschal and TCU, she said.

Dalton Goodier, student relations committee chair, encouraged all of the Paschal students to attend “Cirque du Frog” after the meeting. The event put on by Frog Aides would be a great example of members of SGA in action, he said.

In other news, “A Bill to Support the TCU Tau Beta Sigma Chapter to their 2011 National Convention” was tabled to the finance committee until next week.

Student Body President Jackie Wheeler said elections for House representatives will begin today on Elections for House speaker and committee chairs would take place the following week.

Elections for House of Representatives

When: Wednesday 8 a.m. — midnight >> Helpful Links >> Survey System

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