Leadership positions for TCU Student Media selected Friday

Leadership positions for TCU Student Media were selected Friday.

The new leaders, Madison Pelletier, TCU News Now director; Katie Terhune, Daily Skiff editor-in-chief; Maddie Grussendorf, Image magazine editor-in-chief; and Joan Swearingen, student media advertising director, said they all are excited about the chance to change the face of student media at TCU.

Pelletier has a year of experience in student media. In fall 2010, Pelletier was the Skiff sports editor and was the News Now sports director in spring 2011. This time, she has control of all of News Now.

“I’m excited that now I will have a focus other than sports,” she said. “I will have more direction and be able to make more of an impact.”

Pelletier said she hoped to make better use of the Schieffer School’s new equipment and new studio. She said she was especially excited to use some special components, like the green screen and the interview table, in the news studio on the first floor of Moudy South.

“Students don’t even know how much equipment we have,” she said, “I want to incorporate it to make News Now better.”

Terhune said she had less experience than previous Skiff editors-in-chief, but that she was ready to take control of the paper. She said she applied for the position to help her get experience and that she enjoyed working with the publication.

Terhune said the complete staff turnover would be a time for a “fresh start” at the Skiff. Developing a new student media website also would be a challenge to which Terhune said she looked forward.

“Students are busy,” she said. “It will be easier to have the news all in one place and not have to worry about going to other mediums.”

She said the department’s larger web involvement should make news more accessible to students and incorporate more of the campus.

Grussendorf comes from a different background than some student media leaders. She is a psychology major who started off doing freelance writing for Image. She said she always knew magazines were where she wanted to go with her career.

“I think it’s fate that presented me with this opportunity, so I’m just going to seize it and really use it to the fullest,” she said.

Grussendorf said she had many ideas she wanted to implement at Image. She said in the future, the magazine will incorporate “all of the campus creativity.” Next semester’s issue of Image will include poetry. fiction, more photographs and other creative outlets, she said.

“I also want to include pieces from non-journalism majors, maybe a chemistry major, or an athlete writing from their own point of view,” she said.

Grussendorf said ideally, the whole campus would be represented in the magazine.

Swearingen said she had been on track to be the advertising director since she entered the department. She has been the accounting executive since last August and the acting vice president of the Ad Association.

She said she looked forward to integrating advertising with News Now. It will be the first year News Now will work with the advertising department, she said.

Swearingen said her biggest challenge would be managing five people in the ad office, but she said she was not too nervous about it. She said she also hoped to work more closely with other student media publications and become a bigger part of the Schieffer School’s convergence.