Marlon Figueroa remembers four busy years

I still remember the day my acceptance letter to TCU came in the mail. I was so happy and excited for what the future had for me in college. A few weeks after that, I sent my tuition deposit and secured a spot in the class of 2011.

I wish I could go back in time and hug myself for deciding to go to TCU. Even though I was excited to be a Horned Frog, nothing could have prepared me for what has been the best four years of my life.

I was fortunate to arrive at TCU in 2007 when the Student Center was still in operation but the Campus Commons, was nothing more than dirt. I was kind of overwhelmed by all of the campus construction but was looking forward to the new facilities.

Even though students nowadays eat at Market Square and might not know about Pond Street Grill or Eden’s, and even though future students might not remember football at Amon G. Carter Stadium the way I do, I am confident TCU will always recruit the best students in the nation. I have been fortunate to interact with many alumni during my time as a student, and even though campus has changed a lot, the essence and close-knit community of the Horned Frog family has only become stronger.

People always say time flies. This statement cannot be any truer at TCU. Ever since my freshman year, I have been flooded with opportunities that have allowed me to turn big dreams into reality. Time has gone by so fast because of how busy I have kept my schedule filled with fun and exciting activities. I have been able to make a difference on campus since my first semester and hope to continue to do so after graduation.

Even though I had four busy years on campus, I always made sure to enjoy myself outside of class and commitments. I have had the honor to meet some of the most amazing people. I am so fortunate to have a great group of friends, which I will love for the rest of my life.

Professors, administrators, students and staff make TCU what it is. I will miss being greeted by Lieu Nguyen every time I went into Market Square, getting startled by the Chancellor’s car horn when he drove past me, getting text messages from advisers reminding me where to be and so many other little things that made my day every day.

TCU is ahead of the curve and it only keeps getting better and better. I look forward to becoming an active alumnus and am honored to be a part of the history of such a fine institution. I can’t wait to come tailgate for football games and beat the heck out of every team we play.

I hope students are aware of all the opportunities TCU has to offer and urge them to take advantage of as many as possible. I will always think fondly of my time in college and can’t wait to share it with the world.

Marlon Figueroa is a senior finance and accounting major from San Juan, Puerto Rico.