Superfrog competing with other mascots on national stage

The Horned Frog mascot SuperFrog made the list of top ten mascots for the 2011 Capital One Mascot Challenge.

SuperFrog currently has 23,531 votes with one win, ranking him number eight in the Capital One Challenge.

TCU’s mascot has seven universities ahead of him: Georgia Tech, Auburn, Old Dominion, Iowa State, Oregon. Nevada and Ohio State.

During the first week, SuperFrog was matched up against the Oklahoma mascot Boomer, winning the match by 7,155  votes.

This week marks the second week of the competition and the TCU mascot competes against Arizona’s Wilbur T. Wildcat.

Arizona’s mascot currently leads the match with 57,492 in votes.

The winning mascot will be one step closer to the title after 12 weeks of voting.

The voting will then determine the top eight mascots who will advance to the playoffs where one mascot will be the Capital One Mascot of the Year.

Junior theater major Christina Chester said she believes that SuperFrog adds enthusiasm on the field and is the underlying foundation of the spirit squad.

“[SuperFrog] is TCU; he is what we are and what we represent here,” Chester said.

The Capital One Mascot Challenge has been around since 2002.

The first time SuperFrog competed in the mascot challenge was in 2009.

That year, SuperFrog was defeated by the University of Cincinnati Bearcat who was crowned the 2009 Capital One Mascot of the Year.

This year will mark SuperFrog’s second year in the competition.

“[SuperFrog] is the face of the university, and it’s such a unique mascot so whenever you see him all you think of is TCU,” said assistant director of athletics marketing Rachel Freeman. “It is an honor to be a part of [the Capital One Mascot Challenge].”

If SuperFrog wins the challenge, the university will receive $15,000 and gain nationwide exposure for having the best mascot in the nation.

The current number one mascot is Georgia Tech’s Buzz with 189,017 votes.

SuperFrog is the only university mascot from the Mountain West Conference that made the Capital One list.