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    Slideshow: The Fray, Tim Halperin a hit at TCU


    Lines stretched from the opening between Samuelson and Carter Halls to Colby Hall and from the opening between King and Wright Halls back to Milton Daniel Hall as people waited to get into the annual fall concert featuring Tim Halperin and The Fray Friday night.

    The crowd stretched from the beginning of the grass in the Commons to as far back as the sidewalk between Samuelson and King Halls at the peak of the night.

    "The turnout was definitely more than expected with 5,500 to 6,000 in projected attendance," SGA adviser Brett Phillips said. 

    Halperin took the stage at 8:30 p.m. and opened with an Aerosmith cover.

    “Tim Halperin was bumpin’,” Brent Boudreaux, a freshman pre-major said. “He was doing really well, and his voice sounded great. ”

    Boudreaux said the opportunity for a TCU graduate to open for The Fray was a positive experience.

    “It just shows how great TCU is, and it produces great successful people in the musical
    industry,” Boudreaux said.

    Freshman political science and economics double major Patrick Birleffi said he enjoyed Tim Halperin’s concert.

    “I’ll probably listen to him on iTunes now,” Birleffi said.

    Student Body President Jackie Wheeler was pleased with Tim Halperin and The Fray’s performances.

    “It was great seeing a TCU alum play at one of our fall concerts!” Wheeler said in an e-mail.

    After 30 minutes of songs, Halperin finished with “The Last Song. ”

    Grammy-nominated band, The Fray, opened their part of the show at 9:30 p.m. From the beginning crowd participation was a component of the show.

    “The Fray concert was everything I expected and more,” Wheeler said. “I am very happy with the student body's response. ”

    Lead singer Isaac Slade of the The Fray said playing at TCU reminded him that performing was more than just his passion.

    “We were at sound check today and some kids showed up and it reminded me that this is my job,” Slade said during the concert.

    The Fray finished their regular set with a new song, “Heartbreak,” off their upcoming album set to release later this year. Their encore performance included their songs such as “Vienna” and a Bruce Springsteen cover.

    “I think SGA found a way to impact the student experience,” Wheeler said. “TCU is such
    a great community, and once again the students proved what makes TCU so special. ”

    The opportunity to play with The Fray was more than just another concert for Halperin.

    “It is so incredible to be playing with The Fray,” Halperin said in an interview earlier this week.

    “They are a huge influence on my music and one of my favorite bands by far. ”

    Halperin said the chance to get to play with The Fray came from his connections with both TCU and Kid Kraddick.

    “Kid Kraddick actually played a large role in The Fray’s career and he encouraged them to consider me for opening and TCU encouraged them to consider me,” Halperin said.