Trustee excited to hear of Big 12’s offer

Board of trustees member John Davis said he was thrilled to hear about the Big 12 Conference extending an invitation to TCU.

“I’m excited about the news, and I’m excited that we have the invitation,” he said. “I think we need to talk about it as the board of trustees, but I’m very excited that the invitation has been offered to us.”

Davis did not know when the board of trustees would meet to discuss whether the university would accept the Big 12 invitation.

Chancellor Victor Boschini Jr. sent an e-mail to each of the trustees, alerting them about the invitation and that conversations would begin shortly. Davis said that Boschini would be the one to decide when the board of trustees would gather.

“He’s in charge.” Davis said. “He tells us when to meet.”

Davis declined to say whether he would vote for TCU to join the Big 12 when the board meets.

“I’m not going to commit one way or the other right now,” he said.