Women’s sports should be regarded equally as men’s sports

For many years, it seems as though there has always been a battle of the sexes. Women have battled men whether it was for equal rights, equal job opportunities or sports.

When it comes to sports, you can catch men’s sports on several popular channels while women’s sports may be more difficult to find.

Most people, including myself, have come to the conclusion that men’s sports run the world (sports world) and are publicized far greater than women’s.

Alexandria Traylor, a first-year nursing major, said, “Men’s sports get more press, promotion and publication. On an average day I may hear about men’s sports four times out of five. I believe people are more interested in men’s sports because of the common misconception that men are more athletic and entertaining to watch than women.”

Women practice, train and sweat just as hard as a men do when they train or practice.

Women work with the same intensity as men. As a female track athlete, I think women can be just as good as men when it comes to sports.

Connell Crossland, a junior communication studies major and forward on the men’s basketball team, finds that men’s sports dominate women’s sports.

Male athletes were more exciting to watch because they played “more physical” games, Crossland said. “We can dunk, for instance.”

Women can dunk. Athletes like Brittney Griner from Baylor and Candace Parker of the WNBA Los Angeles Sparks are two of the many women who can dunk.

The media give more attention to male athletes despite how hard women work to succeed in the sports they play.

Tricia Terry, a junior movement science major and cross-country runner, said, “More people like men’s sports and I am no different. It is a sad truth.”

Terry said she preferred to watch men’s basketball over women’s basketball most days. But Terry respected women’s sports because they work just as hard without the attention.

Hopefully in the next few years women’s sports will receive the publicity and attention they deserve. Women’s sports can influence and impact young girls who aspire to become great athletes. The survival of women’s sports is vital for future generations to understand gender equality in sports.

Veronica Jones is a sophomore strategic communication major from Dallas.